TKO Weighted Vest Review 10lb – 2020 Version

TKO Weighted VestTKO has a variety of weighted vests out there on the market. They have a 10lb light weight version, that has reflective material on the front and back that would be great for anyone using this for outdoor exercising like running.  It is an adjustable weighted vest that you can make the weight capacity of the vest geared to whatever exercise you are doing.   Let's look at it in more detail in our review below about this TKO 10lb weighted vest.

TKO Weighted Vest Features & Design

The vest includes twenty small 7 ounce weights that fit in the stretch pockets in the vest. The vest material is tough synthetic material built to last. It does include two accessory pockets that you could use to store your ipod or wallet in during your workouts. What's different about this design is that the vest has a zipper to secure it to your body.

Feature list

  •  has 20 small weights that are 7oz a piece. Easy to adjust the weight.
  • reflective material that would be great for exercises at dusk or night.
  • It also has to pockets to store your wallet or phone in.


This vest to me looked like it would be a good fit for a smaller size person or women in particular. I didn't see any sizing for small to extra large at all which is why I would throw caution to anyone who is looking at this. Given that you are using a zipper to secure it, I doubt this will fit any guy at all to be honest.  Frankly if you are here looking for something that has much more mobility I would check out our weighted vest review page here.

TKO Weighted Vest Benefits

From what I saw in this vest it would benefit women and especially anyone who wanted to get into resistance during their runs. I say this because of it being adjustable from 1-10lbs and the reflective material on it that would be great for when cars are shinning on you when you are out running. This of course would be great for walking around the house or other light weight exercises as well.

TKO Weighted Vest Weight Capacity

The vest has 20 7oz weights that you can use to adjust the vest to a weight capacity of up to 10lbs.

Customer Reviews

This is a new vest so I didn't find any customer reviews on it. I did see reviews on the heavier 20lb model and found out it was discontinued.


At this stage in the game I would actually not recommend this vest at this time until you saw more people using it with positive feedback. Instead I would recommend reading our review of a much more popular 10lb vest called the hyperwear pro vest review here.