Theraband Ankle And Wrist Weights review 2020

Theraband Ankle And Wrist Weights

Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weight Sets - Sold in Pairs-3lb-(two 1.5 lb cuffs)Green
Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weight Sets - Sold in Pairs-3lb-(two 1.5 lb cuffs)Green
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Let’s look at the Theraband Ankle weights which can be used at wrist weights as well. Red is 1lb each. Green is 1.5lbs and the blue ankle weights are 2.5lbs.Feature List

  • Available in 1, 1.5 and 2lb each weights
  • Great for Rehabilitation
  • Use for lower and upper body exercises
  • Smallest measurement 9.5″ and largest is 13.75″

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As of late I went looking at ankle weights by Theraband.  Theraband is and industry leader in resistance equipment.  I know that the Thera Band Ankle Weights will deliver when it comes to getting the work out I truly want.

They give me that extra push when it comes to making sure that I get the results I truly weight when I want them, for my look and feel, so that I can pushed in the direction I want to go in. They are truly great, and they are not you average ankle weights as a whole.

Why Use Ankle Weights?

The main thing for me when it comes to choosing weighted clothing like ankle weights, is that I want ankle weights that can and do work from a wide variety of perspectives. As someone who likes to workout at home, I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself in my workouts.  However, the most important perspective that I take into consideration is resistance. Resistance is what causes me to want to train harder and try and harder, when it comes to my workout.

Additionally, any good type of ankle weight can and should make sure that they are on point with offering me resistance that pushes me harder, makes me want it a whole more, and makes me try harder in general, and that’s exactly what I get with the Thera band Ankle weights.

It’s also important to remember that when it comes to resistance that you need to make sure that you aren’t being weighed in the wrong direction based upon your body type. Too often, people are confused as to why they have sustained injuries when it comes to their ankle weights.

It often times I know it’s because the ankle weights themselves can not and do not offer themselves the best when it comes to resistance that is helpful, impactful, and that is still sensitive and on point.

Therefore, be sure to remember that if you’re being weighed down by your ankle weight, then you are not using the type of ankle weight that you truly need to remember to be using to get the job done. It’s all about being balanced, so be sure to get that exact balance when it comes using a real quality ankle weight.

Here are the amazing results that you will get

  • the right amount of weight on my ankles so that I could be challenged
  • weight that made me realize where I needed to improve and do better in general
  • ankle weights that fit my body in the right way, so that I didn’t have to fuss with them during the workout
  • ankle weights that don’t have extra attachments to them, that I will have to worry about

The real bottom line when it comes to my usage of the Thera band ankle weights, is that it’s all about making sure that my performance will be enhanced and not slowed down, and it’s also about making sure that I have weights on my ankles that can and will offer me the best of the best in a work out that will increase my overall health and well being.

Another key aspect that is important to note is that the Thera band Ankle weights are meant for those who like me are serious about their workout experience, and who want to get a serious and good workout in that is helpful, provides results, and is productive.  I found that using weighted vest worked awesome for a lot of the exercises that I do as well so the two together make a great combination. It’s about challenging yourself by making your workout more challenging, and by doing so you can and will guarantee that your body, your mind, and who you are will be to grow and flourish more as you truly get in better shape.


There really should be no fear when it comes to your workout, and thus be sure to get that no fear value, when you use the Thera band ankle weights, because you, much like myself are not afraid to do what it takes to get a better body, maintain a better body, and get what you want when you want it, when it comes to a great workout. Be sure to get just that and a whole lot more, by using ankle weights that work, that are amazing, and that can and will go above and beyond to get the job done for your body, health, and overall well being.

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