SKLZ Weighted Vest Review

SKLZ Variable Weight Training Vest
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SKLZ Weighted Vest

If you have not heard of company SKLZ, you need to know a company called Athletes Performance backs them. Also known as core performance. They focus on training and products that helps elite athletes.
Feature List

  • Soft edges under the armpit area for comfort
  • Velcro strap to keep it extra secure
  • Quick removal or addition because of the stretching material
  • Comes with 10lbs of weight
  • 20 small .5lb weights to easily adjust total weight.
  • 25” long x 4” Wide and 8” Tall.
  • Weighs 11.75 total pounds.

sklz weighted vest reviewSo, with their sklz weighted vest you can rest assure that everything developed about it has a purpose to help you with your training goals period.  We will take a look at this weighted vest that can be used for many exercises. This is a light vest so you need to know that up front which will dictate the exercises you have planned on using it for.

Now we just need to look into this more and see if it is right for you and is what you need for your workouts. Let’s get to our review below.

SKLZ Vest Features & Design

This is a lightweight vest made out of reinforced nylon and mesh. The shoulder and armholes are very wide and open. They also have soft edges for extra comfort and to not rub against your skin while you are working out.

When you buy the SKLZ vest it will come with 10lbs of weight that are broken down into 20 .5lb weights. This is a nice feature because it really can let you adjust the vest down to a variety of weights for your workout.

What’s unique about this vest is that you secure it with a Velcro strap that goes across your chest. This is great because you can get it tight for exercises that you don’t have to worry about moving around a lot or keep it loose if you want to take off and go running with it.


Looks like the sizing is a one size fits all. I didn’t see anything specific about it. I imagine that with the Velcro strap securing the vest you will be able to adjust it as need based on your body type.

SKLZ Benefits

Push-ups with the SKLZThis is a great vest for runners, walkers or anyone who just wants some light weight resistance that does not compromise their form while doing their training.

This would also be a great weight to add more resistance:

  • for push-ups,
  • pull-ups,
  • lunges,
  • box jumps,
  • sprints,
  • soccer,
  • hockey
  • and many other type of exercises.

I like the design of having 20 weights. It gives you a ton of adjustable weight options to work with so you can cater it to the exercise you plan on doing. You simply slide out the amount of weights you want in or out and bam. You are off doing your workout. One little tip though. In order to change the weights it's easiest if you lay the vest flat on the floor and exchange the weights there rather than trying to do it while you are wearing it.

Now if you want a weighed vest that is heavier but offers great mobility than I would check out our mir vest review here.

SKLZ Weight Capacity

The vest comes with 10 pounds of weight that comprise of 20 small .5lb weights. You can easily add or remove these because the pockets stretch nice and easy.

Customer Reviews

sklz secure velcrostrapThe customer reviews were very positive. I saw many comments that talked about it not moving around or swinging side to side. I saw people who said 10lbs did not seem like much, but when they were 25-20 minutes into their workout they could really feel the resistance.

I did see a comment in there that made sense. The first 2 weeks using it, your shoulders and back could get a bit sore with the added weight. If you have issues already in these areas you will probably want to think twice about buying it.

Your body does adapt to the resistance over time though. So, maybe start out with 5lbs for the first 2 weeks and then add 1lb per week after that to let your body adjust to it to be on the safe side.


Another great option for anyone looking for a light weighted vest to add to their runs, dvd workouts, walking or regular strength training routines. You have a lot of mobility that does not restrict your movement and with the number of weights it comes with you can adjust it to a lighter weight capacity as the exercises dictates.

This is definitely a cheaper option than the Hyperwear vest pro we reviewed here. You can find this  discounted on amazon here for the best price and to read more reviews about people who loved this product.

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