Perfect Fitness Weight Vest 20lbs or 40lbs

Fitness Weight Vest 20lbs or 40lbs

Perfect Fitness 20 Pound
Perfect Fitness 20 Pound
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The Perfect Fitness Weight Vest is an amazing accessory that many athletes around the world use because of its material, comfort and design.
The Perfect Fitness Weight Vest provides you with maximum comfort while also delivering the best quality workout.
Feature List

  • Flat weights that ensure maximum comfort
  • Padded shoulders which make it extremely comfortable
  • Slim fitting type design with dual belly band so that mobility is maximum and the vest fits snugly
  • Safety features like reflective materials for night and a safe pocket for devices
  • 1 pound sand weights that don’t poke you
  • Adjusts 1 to 20 pounds of weight.

Many people including athletes like to do exercises using their body weight instead of using dumbbells and barbells. Using body weight to train is a very good method. However, you cannot do progressive resistance training with it, which means your body will not increase in mass.

Introducing the Perfect Fitness Weighted vest to solve your problem. Its weights are designed flat so that they move with you as you move and do not cause any harm. Let us see how the Perfect Fitness Weight Vest will help you in our workouts.

Perfect Fitness Weight Vest Design


The weights are small bags made of fabric and are filled with sand. Thus there are no hard edges poking you while you work out. It is completely safe. The shoulders are padded, so the weight does not cut into your shoulders like normal weight vests do.

You can choose how much weight you want on you since the vest is completely customizable. The weight can hold from one pound to a whopping twenty pounds!

Have you ever seen the body armour that secret agents wear in movies? It is so cool right; it stops bullets, and yet we cannot even tell if someone is wearing it until they show it to us.

Well, the Perfect Fitness Weight Vest’s design is inspired by that body armour, and it fits well with your body which allows you to move as much as you want.

The material with which the vest is made is flexible as well as breathable, so you would not feel as hot as you would while wearing body armour. The Perfect Fitness Weight Vest has dual belly bands which ensure a perfect fit between Perfect Fitness Weight Vest and your body.

The Perfect Fitness Weight Vest is great for jogging as it comes equipped with high visibility reflective materials so that car drivers can easily spot you and accidents can be avoided. Also, the Perfect Fitness Weight Vest has a media pocket in which you can safely place your music player or smartphone so that you can listen to music while jogging.

The pocket is designed in such a way that your device always remains safe even if you stumble and fall on it, plus it is contoured in such a way that your phone would never fall out even if you hang upside down. Thus Perfect Fitness Weight Vest takes care of your safety as well as luxury.

Perfect Fitness Weight Vest benefits

This vest is an amazing accessory and a perfect choice if you want to workout using your body weight. The basic concern that athletes have is that a vest may reduce mobility, but the Perfect Fitness Weight Vest is tailored like a slim-fit undershirt which makes it fit very snugly, and the dual belly band ensures a perfect fit. Thus it is extremely flexible and does not hinder mobility at all.

The weights are flat and shoulders are padded so that you also have maximum comfort while wearing it thus you can easily focus your energies on the actual workout. The weights themselves are small bags of fabric filled with sand, so you do not have to worry about and hard contours poking you in all the wrong places while you work out. The reflective panels make it completely safe for night time since many people prefer jogging at night time.

The multimedia pocket is great too; it is big enough to hold a six-inch phone and is contoured in such a way that your phone would never fall out even if you hang upside down. Thus, this Perfect Fitness Weight Vest is perfect for cross fit and high-intensity interval training.

Reviews and Rating

The user reviews support the claims made by the manufacturer. Users have been saying that this vest is great, and it fits well while also allowing you maximum mobility. The weights are easy to operate and are all 1 pounds each, so you may increase or decrease as much or as little as you want.

Perfect Fitness Weight Vest has a great rating here on amazon. That is a statement that speaks for itself.

Why Use a Weighted Vest

Just, as body builders use a system in which they progressively increase the number of weights in their sets for resistance the Perfect Weighted vest operates in the same manner.

There are other exercises that work in the same manner. For example, swimming. It will increase your stamina, and strength. It will tone up your body. But since the resistance of water remains constant, your muscle mass will not increase. Same is the case with body weight exercises.

Since the body weight remains fairly constant, achieving an increase in muscle mass is not possible. That is until fitness experts came up with weight vests. Weight vests are vests that you wear during a workout to increase your bodyweight by adding extra weight to the vest. A weight vest needs to be very strong and flexible to hold all the weight and also let you move easily.


Need I say anything? The Perfect Fitness Weight Vest scores brilliantly on all points and blows all other vests out of the water. It is comfortable, safety conscious, and allows maximum mobility. It is fully customizable so it works equally well for the professional athlete as well as the novice.

All in all a great product and worth buying! You can always look here at other weighted vest options if this doesn’t trip your trigger.

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