Nayoya Ankle Weights For Rehabilitation

Nayoya Ankle Weights Review

Nayoya 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set with Carry Pouch
Nayoya 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set with Carry Pouch
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In this review we will look at Nayoya Ankle Weights which are great for rehabbing or adding 1-3lbs of weight to your exercise routine.

Feature List

  • Manufactured strong and stylish with quality materials
  • Total weight 3 pounds – 1.5 pounds each leg
  • Tightens securely with an adjustable Velcro strap
  • Fits any size comfortably
  • This product holds up over time with repeated use.
  • Comes with rugged carrying pouch

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If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to take your workouts to the next level. I’ve found that the quickest and simplest way to push forward is to add resistance to your routines.

Whatever your goals are, and whatever type of exercises you do, adding resistance, ups the ante and forces your body to adapt. Adding resistance works well for strength exercises, cardio exercises, and can even benefit stretching movements like those used for yoga.

How can you add resistance quickly and easily?  These using a weighted vest or ankle weights are the perfect answer. Putting on these ankle weights is easier than putting on a pair of socks, and they are so comfortable you will forget they are there.

Nayoya Ankle Weights – Benefits

  • Increases the intensity of every workout
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Excellent for use when recovering from an injury
  • Works well with any type of exercise
  • Perfect for almost any most age groups
  • Full range of motion possible
  • Carrying pouch makes for easy mobility
  • Works well at home, at the gym, or wherever you choose to exercise
  • Very affordable on Amazon

Typical Uses

Taking the dogs for a walk? Strap on a pair of ankle weights and your stroll with the pooches will burn calories galore. Are you heading to the gym for a cross fit workout? Add the ankle weights to increase the intensity.

Have you recently had knee placement surgery?  Nayoya Ankle weights are a great way to start strengthening the muscles around the knee because you can start with very little weight and work up. Your physical therapist can show you how to begin.

I do my workouts at home, and two of the exercises I most enjoy are pull ups and pushups. These two exercises activate my entire upper body, and when I add the extra weight of Nayoya Ankle Weights I feel the pump even more.

Recently I have been focusing a lot more on my core. I like to do a couple types of planks, and I rotate a few varieties of leg lifts, some on my back and some on the pull-up bar. Adding the ankle weights is particularly effective when working the core. Because with core exercises a little extra weight goes a long way. Keep in mind that these are 1.5 pounds each. You can look at our 2.5lb each All Pro ankle weight review here for something heavier.

Customer Reviews

I was so impressed by what the people who bought this product had to say. Well over 80% of people who bought and used this product rated it within the top tier. The consensus was that Nayoya Ankle Weights worked for all the uses that buyers needed.

Many users loved the how easy these weights were to take on and off. One woman talked about using them during Pilates workouts and says that she even began wearing them on her wrists for some exercises. In fact, lots of users took advantage of the dual use possibility, and some even ordered two pairs.

One parent praised the Nayoya Ankle Weights in her review She got them for her daughter, an eight-year-old gymnast. Because they traveled so much, she especially appreciated the carrying pouch. At first none of the other girls had these same type of weights but after seeing them interest grew.

I was most surprised and impressed when one gentleman, a kickboxer, said he was in love with these weights. He used them when training to add strength to his legs and power to his kicks. His girlfriend liked them so much he bought another pair for her. They do cardio workouts together, and both use the Nayoya weights.

These comments represent just a few of the hundreds of reviews that were overwhelmingly positive. Of course as with all products there was a few negative comments as well. A small number of people had problems with the comfort when wearing them.

Conclusion to Buy or Not

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a new dimension to your workouts Nayoya Ankle Weights are the answer. These weights are versatile, simple to use, travel without any trouble, and as the user comments point out, they are a great fit for many different exercises.

If you’re a professional kickboxer, a young gymnast, or a senior citizen taking your dog for a walk, the Nayoya Ankle Weights can add value to your experience. I hope the Nayoya Ankle Weights Review provided you with some useful information. Happy exercising everyone.

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