Kiefer Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights

Kiefer Ankle Weight Review

Kiefer 811400-5 Ankle/Wrist Weights (1-Pair), 2.5 Pounds Each, Red
Kiefer 811400-5 Ankle/Wrist Weights (1-Pair), 2.5 Pounds Each, Red
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If you are looking for water ankle weights for your resistance workouts then you will want to consider the Kiefer Ankle weights.

Feature List

  • Kiefer weights are manufactured with a tough casing and an easy to use secure buckle. They fit comfortably for the majority of users and when used for most exercises.
  • These ankle weights come in five weight options 1, 1.5, 2.5, 3.75 and 5 pounds.
  • They can be used alone or clipped together for use as a weight belt when exercising in the water because of their multi-purpose design.
  • Kiefer Ankle Weights work well on ankles or wrists, in water or on land, and for almost any type of exercise you choose.

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They were developed by a man named of Adolph Kiefer who won an Olympic gold medal in the 100M backstroke.
Mr. Kiefer also owed a ton of world swimming records. After WWII started Adolph Kiefer was asked by the U. S. Navy to teach countless numbers of seamen the one skill most necessary for men in the Navy, swimming.

This medal winning swimmer and teacher of U.S. Navy seamen also became a business person. He invented some important products that included nylon swimwear and rescue tubes.

His first business was a mail order catalog of products for use in and around the sport of swimming.

These water aerobic ankle weights were used in competitive swimming (starting blocks) and in water safety (think life-guard, Coast Guard, and saving lives). The reason I mentioned this little history lesson about Adolph Kiefer is to impress upon you the experience and expertise this man had regarding his aquatic products and to introduce you to the Kiefer Ankle Weights.

Kiefer Ankle Weights – Features and Benefits

Kiefer ankle weight reviewAlthough specifically designed for use in the water, Kiefer Ankle Weights also work fine on dry land. These ankle weight, like many other ankle weights, are a terrific tool for adding weight to exercises you regularly do.

Adding extra weight makes the body work a little harder (I often get lazy when I do the same exercises over and over) and shocks the body into adapting.

Shocking and adapting is the same principle used by many professional athletes to reach new levels of fitness and performance. I use the same principle to overcome the laziness I mentioned although with different goals than a professional athlete. I want to move forward in small increments and improve my ability to function in my daily tasks.

Maybe you think like I do and are simply looking to make it easier to take out the trash, wash the car, and mow the lawn, or maybe you think like Adolph Kiefer and want to break world records and win an Olympic gold medal. Either way a great place to start is using Kiefer Ankle Weights to add a little more intensity to your workouts.

Customer Reviews

As I looked through the customer reviews, I quickly noticed that many of the people who bought this item workout in the water. I guess that makes sense because of the company’s reputation for aquatic products.

Several users regularly exercised in the pool rehabilitating after surgery or after experiencing an injury. The surgeries included hip replacement and knee replacement, and the most common injuries mentioned were ankles and shoulders.

Many users talked about using competitive brands of ankle weights in the past and preferring the Kiefer Ankle Weights by far. They like the comfort of the fit and the variety of weights available. Many users also talked about starting at the lower pounds and moving up little by little as their strength was improved.

One of the most common comments I came across referred to adding a little weight resistance was just enough to make an easy exercise challenging.


I guess it’s fair to say that a large number of users found the Kiefer Ankle Weights after seeking information about weights for use in the water. Without question, these weights are a great choice for water workouts but they also work well when exercising on land. All the features that make them a good aquatic choice make them a good choice for all exercises.

If you’re thinking about adding a little bump to your workout by increasing the intensity level, a notch or two Kiefer Ankle Weights are a terrific choice. Like the many satisfied users say, adding a little weighted resistance was just enough to make an easy exercise challenging. Challenging yourself is what it’s all about if you want to improve. Go for it.

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