Ironwear Speed Weighted Vest – Usable In The Water

Ironwear 10lb Speed-Vest
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Ironwear Speed Weighted Vest

The Ironwear speed weighted vest puts a new twist to weighted vests by constructing the vest to be wearable in the water and also works for regular resistance training. If you are looking for a vest that you can used in the water, walking, running and other exercises, stay tuned in for the rest of the review below!
Feature List

  • Very light weight
  • Adjust 1 pound to 10 pounds
  • Can wear in the water
  • Secures with a strap across the body to prevent side to side shifting
  • The vest is highly visible which is great for anyone using it on the road running.
  • The weights are distributed evenly in the front and back so it does not restrict or hinder your natural movement. Very key for athletes!
  • Includes 20 1/2 pound weights in the vest you can adjust.

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Ironwear Speed Vest Features & Design

The vest is made up of a polyester mesh material that is designed to dry fast and it does not collect water in it. It has very flexible shoulder straps so that you have mobility and padding for comfort. The vest itself is only a ½ inch thick with a thin layer of flex-metal weights.

Ironwear Speed Weighted Vest has a great rating here on amazon. That is a statement that speaks for itself.

This makes it great for running, track & field,  soccer, volleyball and many other sports where you are really actively moving around.

The weights are balanced out on the back and front of the vest that has 10lbs of flex-metal weights that can be adjusted to a weight of 1 to 10lbs for whatever resistance you want to achieve. Each one of the flex-weights weigh a ½ of pound each.


This is a one size fits all. The cross system strap allows it to adjust to the individuals body type.

Ironwear Speed Vest Benefits

buy ironwear speed vest side viewThe biggest benefit I see to this type of weighted vest is that you can wear it in the water. Man this opens it up to indoor water running that would be totally awesome to have that extra weight with. Water running is very low impact but is not challenging enough at times. This would push it over the edge to be a great workout!

This would also be great for runners given the fact that you can adjust it up to 10lbs and it has a very open arm area that gives you plenty of mobility. It is definitely tighter and thinner than most uni-vests.

Ironwear Speed Vest Weight Capacity

It’s a very lightweight vest where you can remove the ½ pound weights to get it at 1lb in capacity. If you have all the weights in, the vest will be 10lbs. Now, I know this seems like it’s not a lot of weight but when you get into your workout, you will feel the difference. For those of you looking for more weight you need to look at our review for the HumanX, which has 3 models that are 10, 20 and 40lbs.

Customer Reviews

This is a very new vest that is by Ironwear so there once only review on it who liked it and wore it around the house all the time. As I looked up Ironwear, I see that they make several other adjustable weight products. So, it’s not like they are a newbie at this and made a wide range of vests. I would not let that deter you from ordering this vest if you are looking for a weighted vest to wear in the water.

Ironwear Speed Weighted Vest has a great rating here on amazon. That is a statement that speaks for itself.


Ok, I would say if you were focused on doing any weighted resistant training in the water along with use it on land I would go for this one. I have not seen any other vest yes that can be wore in the water and on land. We do have other weighted vest options here if you did not find the features you wanted with this one.