A complete guide to the HumanX Weight Vest

HumanX Weight Vest

HumanX 20lb Vest
HumanX 20lb Vest
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In the review are will look at the HumanX weighted Vest. This is one of the favorite ones because of the design of the adjustable weights.

Feature List

  • Stretchy fabric that fits everyone snugly for comfort and mobility
  • The fabric is breathable, odor resistant and very easy to wash
  • Side belt with Velcro patches allow for a one size fits all vest
  • Revolutionary, patent pending FLEX technology which allows the weights to contour to your body, thus making it super comfortable.
  • Can be purchased in a 10lb, 20lb or 40lb weighted vest option!
  • Velcro shoulder straps to adjust perfectly to your torso!
  • Velcro belt that adjust perfectly to your waist!

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In the HumanX vest the weights flex and form to the contour of your body and don’t poke you when you are exercising.

What I also love is that the shoulder straps adjust and so does the belt around the waist. You literally can dial this in so well that you don’t even know it’s on when you are exercising!!!

This is one vest you can workout normal with and enjoy the added resistance and not have it interfere with what you are doing! It comes in 3 models as well so this weighted vest will work for everyone.

HumanX Weight Vest design and features

10 pound Model HumanX VestThe HumanX Weight Vest has many cool features that set it apart from other weight vests. The material with which HumanX Weight Vest is made is a special stretchy material that fits perfectly on your body and thus does not hamper mobility like the usual weight vests so you can easily jog and do cross fit exercise while wearing it.

A very big problem that users of weight vests face is the weights which tend to poke you during the workout and be uncomfortable in general. In this regard, the weights that come with HumanX Weight Vest do not poke your body when working out.

They weights are  very innovative FLEX design which follow the contours of your body curves thus alleviating any poking and uneasiness.

The FLEX design is a patent pending technology which is revolutionary. The weights are made of a special type of plastic with sand inside and come in a variety of configurations to help you achieve the exact workout you want.

The HumanX Weight Vest is one size fits all, fully customizable piece of equipment that is easy to use and not fussy at all. There is a very simple belt on the waist with Velcro panels so you can set it to fit any waist length you want. Thus it fits snugly on everyone, allowing full mobility and comfort for a great work out.

When you work out, you sweat and normally, dirty weight vests are so difficult to clean. However, HumanX  is made up of breathable and easily washable material. It is very easy to clean, all that needs to be done is to wash it with cold water, and then lay it on a flat surface and it will dry up! No mess, no fuss.

HumanX Weight Vest benefits

The HumanX  Vest is perfect for those who are interested in general fitness, progressive intensity workouts, strength training, plyometric exercises and body weight workouts.

The cool, stretchable fabric allows for a snug fit which allows for maximum comfort and mobility, plus there is a side belt with Velcro patches makes it easy to fit any waist size.

The weights are made up of a special type of plastic and have sand in it. Also, it is made with the revolutionary FLEX technology which allows the weights to align their contours with the curves of your body, thus making it super comfortable.

The vest can be easily cleaned and washed so that you can feel fresh during every workout. It is perfect for both men and women and works well with body weight workouts as well as cross fit training and jogging. It is a brilliant design mixed with revolutionary technology to give you the pleasure of fulfilling exercise.

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Reviews and ratings

The reviews of the users of HumanX  Vest are very satisfactory. People all across the globe love it for its superior design, super comfortable fabric and brilliant utility. The reviews are there are really positive and people love it.

I see people using it 3 to 4 times  a week. They really like the snug fit compared to other weighted vests that actually bounce around. I couldn’t agree more on this one as it’s really nice to be able to run in these without the vest moving up and down.

The only complaint was a hard core athlete working out a lot with the vest and complained he couldn’t keep it clean enough. 🙂


The HumanX Weight Vest is a cool piece of equipment that every fitness buff out there needs for super comfortable and yet, intense and challenging workouts. It’s definitely a vest that is worth looking into more and if it doesn’t trip your trigger you can see more weighted vests here that we do more reviews on.

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