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7 Reasons To Maximize Your Workout with Leg weights

Leg Weights

What could an extra 8 pounds do to take your workout to the next level? If that 8 pounds is in leg weights, it can do a lot. Let’s jump right into ankle weights can help you maximize your workout. Supplements Resistance Training Resistance training gets results. In a controlled setting like the gym, it…

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The 10 Popular Weighted Vest Workouts

weighted vest

The 10 Popular Weighted Vest Workouts Have you started to plateau in your workouts? Looking to take your favorite moves to the next level? Dedicated to making this the year you get serious about strength training? Adding a weighted vest to your workout can do all that and more. Working out with these vests has…

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V Force Weighted Vest Review 40 lb Model

buy v-force weighted vest

This is one vest that was made without sacrificing quality and is using heavy duty material that is built to last for years. You can order various sizes for this vest as well which I really like. So, if you have wide or narrow shoulders, you can get the exact model you need. See our V-force weighted vest here..

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Theraband Ankle And Wrist Weights review 2020

thera-band ankle wrist weight reviews

Theraband Ankle And Wrist Weights Let’s look at the Theraband Ankle weights which can be used at wrist weights as well. Red is 1lb each. Green is 1.5lbs and the blue ankle weights are 2.5lbs.Feature List Available in 1, 1.5 and 2lb each weights Great for Rehabilitation Use for lower and upper body exercises Smallest…

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Kiefer Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights

buy kiefer ankle weights

Kiefer Ankle Weight Review If you are looking for water ankle weights for your resistance workouts then you will want to consider the Kiefer Ankle weights. Feature List Kiefer weights are manufactured with a tough casing and an easy to use secure buckle. They fit comfortably for the majority of users and when used for…

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Nayoya Ankle Weights For Rehabilitation

nayoya ankle weights review

There are several positive reviews about the Nayoya Ankle weights are great for any rehabilitation exercises to strengthen your ankles. They fit perfectly and are 1.5 lbs each. Great for running or walking around the house.

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