All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights 5lb or 10lb Pairs

All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights

All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights, 5-lb pair (up to 2½-lbs per ankle)
All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights, 5-lb pair (up to 2½-lbs per ankle)
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The all pro adjustable ankle weights come in 5 or 10 pound ankle weights.

Feature List

  • All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights come in a total weight of 5 lbs (2.5lbs each leg)
  • Weights are durable (made of Iron) and adjust ¼ lb at a time
  • Padding protects the ankle from injury
  • All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights are designed to allow a full range of motion
  • Constructed with the highest quality

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Ankle weights are a useful way to add some intensity to your workout. I use them during short calisthenics workouts. I’ve even worn them at times when I am just hanging out to add resistance and burn a few more calories whenever I move (usually walking to the kitchen).

There are many ways that adding ankle weights to your workouts and daily activities can help you achieve the results you’ve been looking for as you exercise.

Ankle weights are often used by physical therapists helping people heal and strengthen muscles after an injury. If you’re like me and have knee pain using ankle weights while performing knee strengthening exercises can help ease that pain fast

One of the most common uses of ankle weights is when performing water exercises. These types of exercises are often recommended for senior citizens because water exercises place much less stress on joints.

Leg ankle weights are versatile enough to add resistance when swimming, for your legs or your body in general. If ankle weights are something you’ve been thinking about, read on and check out the information in the All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weight Review.

All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weight – Benefits

Ankle weights are a great way to make gains with your endurance and go hand and hand with a top rated weigh vest. Because you’re adding weight to whatever exercise you are doing your body is forced to adapt and carry the extra load. Championship strength athletes, men and women, use this is the same principle when training to increase their stamina for competition.

Although these professional athletes add hundreds of pounds, you and I can accomplish the same results on our level by adding just a few pounds to our ankles. You will quickly notice the difference in strength and stamina.

As a bonus, when you use ankle weights to improve endurance you also burn a lot more calories. The extra weight forces you to work harder, so your metabolism revs up and burns fat. Burning fat faster, building your endurance, and toning and firming your legs happen at a faster pace by adding just a small amount of weight around your ankles.

All Pro Ankle Weight Review – Customer Reviews

ankle weight lungesI went through the customer reviews and was amazed at the variety of uses these folks had come up with for the All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights. On man was recovering from knee replacement surgery and wore the weights while sitting in his chair.

He would work out each leg, just like you and I have seen people do hundreds of times at the gym using a machine.

Another user was a ballet dancer. She used the ankle weights to strengthen her calf muscles and quads for higher jumps. Several users were seniors at risk of falling, They used the ankle weights to gain overall strength in their legs to improve balance.

Another woman suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and never considered the idea of resistance training.

After finding the adjustable ankle weights, she was able to start with 1 lb and workout. One man who is in great shape already uses these weights to add resistance to his core routine.

The only real complaint I could find was a woman who had trouble getting the weights tight enough during her workout.


Clearly not everyone has access to expensive exercise equipment; however, as the customers of the All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights prove, everyone can benefit from resistance training. From the pro athlete to the ballet dancer, to everyday ordinary folks trying to improve their life just a little, this product works.

They are easy to use, versatile, durable, and affordable on Amazon. The benefits speak for themselves. The results are visible in the customer reviews. The choice seems obvious. I use ankle weights for certain exercises, and I think I will invest in a pair of All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights. I think you should too.

I hope this All Pro Ankle Weight Review has provided you with the information you were seeking. You can see more here on amazon about the product and reviews.