7 Reasons To Maximize Your Workout with Leg weights

Leg Weights

What could an extra 8 pounds do to take your workout to the next level?

If that 8 pounds is in leg weights, it can do a lot.

Let’s jump right into ankle weights can help you maximize your workout.

Supplements Resistance Training

Resistance training gets results. In a controlled setting like the gym, it increases the benefits of every movement. You build muscle mass and gain endurance.

But when it’s just you and the street, mat or field, your body weight is your only resistance.

You only have so much body weight to work with.

Your body weight determines your calorie burn. It affects how much exercise affects cardio, muscle tone, endurance and bone density.

If you’ve ever worked out with weighted gloves or practiced with a heavy martial arts weapon like a bo or sai, you know how you feel as soon as you remove that extra resistance.

You punch harder and move faster than you could before.

That’s what supplementing your cardio routine with weights is all about.

When you force your body to carry some extra weight, once that weight is no longer a factor, you move and perform as a stronger you.

If you add the 1 to 8 pounds of weight in the form of leg weights your bodyweight increases temporarily to get better, faster results as numerous studies have shown.

We’ll discuss a several throughout this piece.

Easy Modification

Variation matters. When we perform the same activity over and over again, it becomes less and less effective.

Our bodies adapt. They learn how to perform the action with the least possible effort.

In real life that’s a good thing. But when you’re working out to get results, that’s the last thing you want.

With leg weights, surprise your body by varying the weight. Easily change out the weight to keep your body guessing.

Burpees, leaping, pull-ups and lateral knee raises just got a whole lot harder.

Anyone can benefit from adding ankle weights to their exercise routine.

Your body will have to adapt again. And you’ll reap the rewards.

Cardio Health

More weight means your heart has to pump blood faster to supply your muscles with much-needed O2.

Higher heart rate means you enter cardio range faster, stay there longer and reach a peak for maximum benefits.

When you add extra weight, your body must push itself harder than it would otherwise.

The results are a stronger heart and lungs.

A study reported in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology showed that athletes who added weight had a significantly higher lactate and blood oxygen uptake during running after training over a period of time with added load.

Why is this important?

They were able to run longer before reaching exhaustion and had greater vertical velocity (jumping speed) when running up stairs.

A stronger heart and lungs lead to better performance. Leg weights can lead to stronger heart and lungs.

The American Heart Association states that a well-rounded training program, including additional weight resistance:

  • Increases bone, muscle and ligament strength
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Increases muscle mass, so you’ll burn more calories and maintain a healthier weight
  • Gives you a better quality of life.


Bone density can help reduce the risk of fractures as well as osteoporosis later in life.

While much of bone density is determined by genetics, research shows that it’s greatly impacted by lifestyle, most notably nutrition and weight bearing exercise.

Study after study support the fact that adding resistance increases bone density.

Leg weights make activities in which body weight would normally be the only weight in the equation more impactful by adding extra weight.

This leads to improved musculoskeletal stability, which reduces the risk of falls and many common sports injuries.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed the added resistance significantly increased the ability of the body to produce lean muscle mass.

At the same time cardio training demonstrated an increased ability to reduce more overall body mass (fat reduction).

When you add leg weights to your cardio activities, you get the benefits of both, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster.


Endurance is incredibly important to athletes and fitness conscious individuals. It’s what lets you go longer and harder at anything you do.

It keeps you in the game to make that game-winning shot.

It allows you to do what you love.

It just makes you feel powerful and up for anything.

A study performed by Texas Tech demonstrated the effectiveness of adding weighted resistance.

Compared to the control group those who wore weights for 6 weeks performed significantly better on 40-yard dash, broad jump, and vertical jump once weight was removed.

Those in the experimental group were able to exercise longer at a higher intensity.

Want to increase your endurance? Add leg weights.

Calorie Burn

Burn 12% more calories with weighted resistance.

A study performed at the University of New Mexico showed that increasing your weight by just 15% through weighted garments causes your body to burn 12% more.

This doesn’t have to only be more calorie burn during workouts.

You can wear leg weights everywhere, to the grocery store, to a club, the class, to work, shopping, anywhere.

You could be burning more calories all day long by adding this resistance.

Leg Weights Support Overall Fitness

If you want everything you do to do more for your overall health, wear leg weights.

Added resistance supports overall fitness through the above-mentioned benefits:

  • Supplementing resistance training
  • Adapting your workout to keep your body guessing
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Strengthening your musculoskeletal system
  • Improving endurance
  • Burning more calories

Rather than just increasing muscle mass or only burning more calories, leg weights impact the whole person to make up a stronger, more powerful you.

Getting the Most Out of Your Work Out

What would you add to our list of benefits? How have ankle weights helped you get the most out of your workout?

Maybe you’re curious about what adding resistance to your routine could do for you.

Check out our wide selection of weighted clothing options. Train hard. Get fit.

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